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Energy Consciousness

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Having a negative attitude can be contagious to those around you, but in most cases it can cost you some relationships or get you told off.

I am finding that in this phase of my life, I have a low tolerance for people who are insistent on maintaining a negative attitude and making it my problem. Most of the time, the attitude has just become a habit that they can’t rid themselves of. Questions about the reason for the attitude are often met with little to no response. I can’t say that I never have a “bad day” or that I exist in a permanent “cheery” state, but when I do have these moments, I try to do the world a favor and work it out in isolation without dumping my crap on other people. I can’t say that my method is the best way, but it is a way that enables me to be accountable for my impact on others.

We must be responsible for the energy that we bring into a space. Stop using others as your emotional dumping ground and find a more proactive way to manage your response to the curveballs of life because those that master the game are those that embrace maturity and responsibility. Successfully managing your emotions is a clear indicator of your preparedness and ability to succeed in tackling life’s obstacles.

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