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Hair Like Mine by LaTashia M. Perry

I have the pleasure of sharing children's book "Hair Like Mine" by LaTashia M. Perry. We've been there, especially as little Black girls, searching the faces and hair of our classmates and friends for the familiar: Looking for someone who has skin like ours and hair like ours, so we didn't feel so isolated and alone in a world where silky blonde hair was the preferred pretty. Back then there were no books like this.

I absolutely am an advocate of introducing reading early, but also reinforcing the importance of self love being established in the hearts and minds of the little people in our lives. I reviewed her other book, "Skin Like Mine" last year and I appreciate this book for all those reasons and then some.

Hair is something we CAN change and not just in styling, we can actually change the structure of our hair from it's natural state. While everyone should be able to express themselves the way they want to with their hair, loving it the way it grows out of our scalp is imperative for self confidence. There weren't any books like this when I was a child and I'm always happy to see them, just like I'm happy to see all the little girls rocking their natural kinks, curls and waves with pride.

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