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Holiday Gift Guide Series: If You Loved Sula

If you loved Sula...

FEATURING: Sugar by Bernice L. McFadden

If you loved Sula, you must love novels with strong female characters written by a dynamic woman who does not shy away from the complexities of relationships between women. If that is you, then I highly recommend Sugar by Bernice L. McFadden.

Both Sula and Sugar take place in small towns full of people with otherwise small minds, when someone "appears" who does not fit into their script. The analysis of who determines worthiness can be overlooked, but is definitely an element in both stories. Additionally, these novels examine dynamics between strong female characters who are bonded by their circumstances.

Both books arouse emotion. As Sula and Sugar do deep dives into trauma and it's lingering effects. Both books showcase a picture of rural/small town Black life in ways that are not honestly depicted outside of stories by Black authors. And while men are not neglected in the telling of these women's stories, they are not the focal points of their existence, making the creation of these novels as empowering as the women depicted in the pages. #holidaygiftguide

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