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Ocean Calm

The ocean really is calmer.

Away. From the chaos.

From all of life's natural and unnatural distractions.

From the nosey neighbors and equally prying parents.

From the partners who do not demonstrate that they believe in partnership.

Away from the barking dogs,

the barking spouses,

the garbage truck and street sweepers; the mundane,

but ever-present temptation to take me out of my element.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I can focus.

In spite of it all.

I have the ability to activate my dual mode option and listen to the outside,

while never straying from the importance of nurturing inside;

however it is nice to be away,

so my thoughts are the only thing I am lost in.

To let my mind drift far beyond the waves that roll in and out,

to what’s beyond the horizon for me.

Beyond that bright burning globular light that I am afraid to look directly into

Out of fear that it may blind me

But truthfully out of what it will indeed reveal.

To imagine my being without limitations.

To embrace the unknown with the full realization

that whatever is out there, has to be far greater than

what is here, staring me in the face every day.

© Evangeline Lawson October 20, 2020

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