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Sugar by Bernice L. McFadden

Being one who does not like to spoil the book in my reviews, I am bursting at the streams with wanting to say so much about Sugar. This was my first read by Bernice L. McFadden and I'm caught between loving this as my first dive into her work, and questioning if it should have been; as if easing into her work would have somehow been less emotionally complex for me.

Sugar is a beautifully painful read. The beauty comes in the way the author describes even the simplest element, like the weather or the more complicated emotions experienced amidst relationships. The pain came with the story, the depth of it, the triggering parts of many layers and overlaps and twists and turns that leave you as the reader, just as gut-punched as the characters themselves.

Every emotion I could have experienced, I did. The joy, the hope, the emptiness that seemed ever-present. Sugar was excellently written. Exquisitely articulated. But I honestly found myself questioning if I would recommend this book to everybody. There's an emotional strength that seems to be required to complete this book. As the feelings that seem to spill out and infect the reader, could be too much. However, if you want an example of excellent writing that captivates from the first few pages, with description that exceeds most novels in it's ability to be easily understood and transformative, this definitely a journey you should embark on.

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