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Take me as I am, but what if how you are sucks?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

So often I hear people say “take me as I am” as a response to criticism of their character. Like there is no way possible that there is any truth to the flaws that have been pointed out. To those people I ask, “isn’t living about striving to be your best self?” Aren’t we supposed to grow and address our flaws, so that we live out our potential instead of just attempting to reach it. For example, if someone says you are quick to temper and you chalk it up to their unwillingness to accept you, aren’t you just denying that you have an area of development? What if that aspect of your character is what is keeping you from living out your dreams? You’re actually cheating yourself if you refuse to change it AND cheating others from getting to know all that you have to offer outside of your flaws. Often we choose to adopt our character blemishes as a definition of who we are but they don’t have to define us. It is that attachment that makes us cling to aspects of ourselves and become resistant to change. Sure, the challenge is to not become an embodiment of someone else’s expectations of who we are “supposed” to be, but is it not the universe that shapes and molds us?

My theory is this: People will always have opinions of you and what you do. Some true, some not. BUT, if you are consistently given redundant feedback about aspects of your character or behavior, it deserves a closer look.

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